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How to find the date of the next 2 Sundays in New ...

Hello, Using New Responsive, I am trying to calculate the dates of the next 2 Sundays. For example, if today is Tuesday 4/20/21, the next Sunday w...

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Link in New Responsive Form does not work

Hello, I am using Nintex O365 with a New Responsive form. I have created a variable (varURL) that contains a url. In a Label control, I am showin...

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Load multiple images at a time and apply required ...

I tried to search for this topic, and found similar topics, but I did not find what I needed. My user would like to be able to load multiple images ...

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New Responsive - Can Redirect URL be Dynamic, and ...

Hello, I am Using O365 with a New Responsive form. I have 2 questions: 1. When a user clicks "Submit", can I redirect them to a dynamic url? T...

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Is there a way to see Advanced Lookup Configuratio...

I am using Nintex for Office 365. I have configured variables in my workflow, but when I go back to review the configuration, I am not able to see h...

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