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Multi select "select all" option within ...

I have a sql request control setup as multi select option. On the query we added a extra choice called "select all" as an additional option just to l...

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Save Form Field and Continue Request Review Workfl...

Is there a way to select a drop down connected field, save the request review task form, and continue running the workflow without submitting the for...

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Get Base64 Code From List Attachments

There are multiple posts regarding copying list attachments to another list but how do we get the Base64 for each attachments of a item in a list?

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How to get attachment URL to base64?

I have had Vadim's custom action since past two years, and it has worked before but now i cannot get it to work now. Also @vadim_tabakman 's blog...

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Get data out of Nested Repeating Section and HTML

I can get data out of a one repeating section, create items in another list, and update multiline field with a nice HTML table. But, i am not able to...

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Call external web api with access key - Cannot con...

Hello, I am trying to call the API:

  • By Roro
  • August 22, 2019  04:36
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Copy list item from one site to another including ...

I build a workflow with two steps: first step is to copy the list item itself with "create element in another website" which works fine. Now I ...

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Providing a function for Base64-decoding text with...

Hello everybody, I would like to share my solution which took quite some time to find. Maybe it can help somebody. Recently I needed a workfl...

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Getting Data From a Nested (Embedded) Repeating Se...

I was trying to extract data from a nested repeating section and the only related Forums post I found wasn't helping. Hopefully, these step-by-step ...

  • By andyCOT
  • March 17, 2019  22:48
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Collect information before a site workflow runs

Hello, I know that site workflows run on a schedule. But is there any way to collect information from the user before the scheduled workflow ...

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