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How to get/display the forms last published date a...

I am looking for a way to display to the end-user the last modified/publish date and version number of the form. not when a user saves/submits the fo...

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Set a value in a lookup field

Hi, We are using Nintex Forms New Responsive Designer for Office 365. We are using many lookup fields in the form. Had two questions regarding look...

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Making a drop down blank based on Rule

Hi, *Edit*: I am using new responsive designer I created a Tab functionality using Radio buttons and created Rules to make the fields/drop do...

  • By AhmedK
  • November 18, 2019  21:36
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SPServices GetListItems query Multiple Columns

Hi All, Tried to find this issue in other post but I have not been able to get anything. I am trying to use SPservices jquery script lookup val...

  • By coolpb
  • August 22, 2019  22:35
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I'm designing a Nintex Form under responsive m...

So I am creating a Nintex form for SharePoint under the responsive mode and I have three fields alongside one another, however they do not align,...

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Nintex form version

Greetings: Is there a way to programmatically obtain the version number of the latest published form for display on that form? The version num...

  • By baltner
  • November 03, 2017  14:45
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