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Use css in nintex forms - padding

Hey, im not sure if i'm in the right section, but i have a task to change the padding in a nintex forms sheet. I have no clue of css, but how can i c...

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Forms: Selection does not show when you open it

Hey everybody. I set up a form with an selection on top. Everything works fine and i used SelectionName!='Area' to hide the areas when switchin...

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How to show a list from a parent-site on a subsit...

Hi. I have a List on a parent site and i want to show that list on a subsite. I dont want to just copy it, but actually a live-image on that li...

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Reminder based on dates in a list

Dear community, I'm looking for a way to set reminders based on dates in a list. Until now i build a workflow, where i get one email, if one of...

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