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Document Generation Table collection

Hello. I'm trying to use Document Generation in O365, where I'm populating a table from collection data. Issue here is if the collection looks like...

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Autocomplete lookup field SharePoint online

I have classic designer form and added a dropdown lookup field with 4000 items. Has anyone implemented autocomplete for the lookup field in SharePoin...

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Lookup column filtering not working

Hi, SharePoint online classic Nintex form I have added two lookup fields to the form, which connects to a list with two columns- Name and Address...

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Same column on multiple panels- Classic form

Hi, I'm trying to implement tabs(hide and show panels) on a classic form. I have to add same column on multiple tabs, I tried to disable the co...

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Workflow progress graphical interface

I'm using Nintex workflow for first time in Modern Communiations site, previous used on On Prem versions. When I create a new workflow and from t...

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Participating In

How to: Use DocuSign Actions within Nintex Workflo...

You can download the Nintex Form, Workflow and List template here. Introduction This blog post is based Nintex Documentation ab...

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