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Duplicate a SharePoint list item into the same lis...

I am looking to create a simple workflow that can be triggered by a checkbox on a list item. I want the workflow to duplicate the list item into the ...

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Workflow that automatically logs date and time whe...

I'm building a tracking system within a SharePoint list and using Nintex forms and on the form there is a field for status for the list item (ticket)...

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Buttons to update date and time controls

Hello! I am very new to writing java script for Nintex forms. I have been trying to research how to program a button to update a date and time ...

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When I create an update a Date and Time workflow w...

Hello, I have been trying to create a workflow that is to update a date and time column in a list when a certain status from another column is ...

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Days Items in a list are at each status

Hello, I'm very new to Nintex workflows and Nintex forms. I am trying to create a column in my SharePoint list that shows how many days it has ...

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