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How to limit date picker range?

Hello all! I was curious if there is a way to limit the date/time control to only allow dates to be selected for past 7 days and current day, no...

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How to hide a button option

Have a head scratcher here. So I have a choice field (rendered as a button) connected to a list column, which has 3 options. S, U, N/A Depen...

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Compare collection items?

Hi everyone! Having a really issue with my workflow! Objective: Check if list item (crane) has been submitted for today. 1) Set current...

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Lookup by input field (search)

Good morning all, Can you make a list lookup text field that works similar to the people control? Where you can enter text and it populates with...

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Css on "render as button" not working?

Howdy everyone! Working on a nintex form on a sharepoint site and came across an issue I can't find an answer to. I have a choice field with two...

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