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CSS to hide List Link above Form

I’m using the SharePoint look and feel option with the Oslo Templar (on prem). The list link is appearing at the top of my form and I cannot find CSS...

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Formula to require any 2 out of 6 fields, lookup a...

We are on prem 2013, and I have 1 lookup list with three separate columns looking up to that one list. I also have three separate single line of text...

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Include name of the last user to append comments i...

I have a form that has multi line text with the Append changes to existing text” enabled. I created a workflow that sends a notification if somebody ...

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Formula to require when yes/no checkbox true and r...

I have a yes/no checkbox that is defaulted to No when new (Occupied). I have a people picker for the user name. I found a formula to require the peop...

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Copy value of choice column to calculated value fi...

Can you copy the value of your list choice column to a calculated value field in a form without a workflow? If yes please provide the formula. I hav...

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