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Attached generated document

Hi, I would like to attached documents that are generated by Doc Generation action to the same list item? How should i go about it, if on...

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Query list with Created column

HI Everyone, I am working on a simple site workflow where I am trying to use query list action to bring back all Work Order number that are null a...

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Timer Job stuck

HI, i have having issue with stuck nintex Scheduler timer job at 0%. the timer job is installed on Web front end and i have done iisrest, reboo...

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XML into Collection Variable - NO output

HI, I have a Nintex form with Repeating Section that picks up the xml out (using xpath) and writes it to another list. We have done it for 4 c...

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Copy Metadata

HI, i need some help in copying metadata from one column to another. I have 3 single line of text columns and would like the metadata of them ...

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DocGen error, can't attach to item

Hi Everyone I have a workflow that is creating a DocGen which I would like to be saved to the list item. The workflow creates the document bu...

  • By JL
  • November 19, 2019  18:31
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Add hyperlink to task form that links to current i...

Hey folks! Seems like a simple question, but, I can't for the life of me figure out how to get a hyperlink - on a form - to use an item proper...

  • By rhia
  • January 25, 2019  06:41
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Update Multiple Items Action: Fields to Update not...

Hi Folks, I am building a workflow that requires me to update a field in a list that is in another sub-site. I am using the Update Multiple Item...

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Can't set variable from List Lookup

I'm having trouble setting a variable from a list lookup, can anyone help? The log in history list clearly shows the variable is not being popula...

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Error: The user to assign the task to has resolved...

My workflow is setup using a state machine, when the person is a certain level of leadership the state machine directs it the approval request to...

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