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How to import a workflow to replace an existing wo...

As you are working in NWC, you may find that there are occasions when you need to import a workflow with the same name as an existing workflow in you...

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How to populate multiple values from a single Data...

I was recently asked if there is a way to use a single Data Lookup control to populate multiple controls on a NWC form with data from a SharePoint On...

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How to associate Nintex workflow cloud Form to sha...

Yes I am a newbie with Nintex Workflow Cloud. 😂 Even the simple stuff is still getting in my way.

  • By kentjg
  • May 10, 2021  07:35
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Repeating sections - how to get the data

My question is about how to get at the data you caputure in a repeating section in NWC. I know this is a new control, so there may be no answer...

  • By Bards
  • February 15, 2021  19:57
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Differences in Create List Item and Office 365 Cre...

When coming from Nintex for SharePoint on-prem, why would you use the Office 365 Create List Item or Document Set action vs. the Create List Item act...

  • By butlerj
  • December 17, 2019  10:10
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