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Name of Form Control to use in JavaScript

Hello, I am creating a JavaScript function to use in NIntex Forms for several Form Button Controls. I want to use the JavaScript for severa...

  • By smmongol
  • September 24, 2018  16:56
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Nintex Forms - use substring in Javascript

Hello, I am trying to extract part of the URL from a Hyperlink control. In the Customer JavaScript - function, I am trying to use substring t...

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Nintex Forms Limit 255 Characters

Hello, In Nintex Forms, if you have a textbox or hyperlink control on a form, is there a way to only limit 255 maximum characters to be enter...

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Nintex Forms Tabs With Same Controls

Hello, I have a Nintex Form with Tabs. On the Tabs, some of the controls can repeat on each of the Tabs. For example First Name and Last Na...

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Choice Control Change in Selection and Hidden Colu...

I have a Nintex Forms that is using Tabs. On one of the Tabs, there is a choice control with three selections. One of the selections in the Ch...

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