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Creating folders, subfolders and files in Nintex w...

Good day Nintex community, I am not familiar with the development in Nintex workflow and have been struggling for weeks now, please help. I am usi...

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Nintex2013 form format

Good day, Please help, My Nintex form looks ok when the user edit items in SharePoint 2013 but after editing the form and the user views the...

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Formatting Nintex form for Nintex 2013 for content...

Hi anyone please help I have created a form with Nintex form 2013, it works ok but now when I click on certain buttons I have created, the info...

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configuring a button in nintex form

Good day, I am new to nintex and sharepoint please assist, using sharepoint 2013, I have to use create nintex form which will display the inf...

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