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Issue to approval workflows by process in nintex w...

Hello, I have a flexi task in my SharePoint List workflow and want to approve this task request by force if an item of a column of the list is ...

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Manage WorkFlow Task column named "Result&quo...

Hello, I have a SharePoint 2013 List wich working with a workflow, in the workflow I have a flexi task with two options (approve/reject) when I appro...

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Hello, I have a form and I can make Look Up Research from SharePoint List with a textbox to an other label of calculated value field. Lik...

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Create a Toggle / Switch Choice button in a form o...

Hello, I have a SharePoint 2013 List with 2 columns : Poste A Poste A Yes No I want to manage the information...

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Table in e-mail

Hello, I try to display a table in my email, for this in the corp of my e-mail I insert a variable wich I called "TxtEmail" and in this variabl...

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Embedded repeating section

Hello, I am trying to create a form that allows a user to raise and issue an action. I am using a repeating section to try and achieve this. T...

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Sharepoint 2013 Workflows start but do not progres...

Hi My Workflows are correct but Something is starting and dont progress. How to solve this problem?

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Can I set a "Pause For" to seconds

For a "Pause For" can I change the minutes section to 0.50 to run after 30 seconds ?

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White Space in repeating section

I'm working on a repeating section with 4-5 columns in it. In display mode the forms adds a big white space between the rows. I don't want to use...

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