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Publishing resuable workflow from Content Type Hub...

I am attempting to use a Site Collection Reusable Workflow Template associated with a content type and publish it from a Content Type Hub. I created ...

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List Lookup V1 - source view

Hi there, I have a number of list lookup v1 (v1 is legacy and gets populated synchronously on form load) controls on my form, each with a differe...

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Conditionally set source view for a lookup control...

Hi, Really new to this, I'm trying to set the default view ("source view) in a lookup control based on a condition. I tried the following : ...

  • By mdb74
  • June 01, 2019  20:27
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LDAPS and Nintex Workflow actions

Hi, I need to use nintex AD action over LDAPS and action does not allow me to specify LDAPS:// in LDAP Path. Does Nintex support LDAPS ? Is...

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Can we associate a Nintex Workflow to a Custom Con...

We have created a custom content type "SOX Procedure" based on the Document content type. I am able to associate a reusable site collection Nint...

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