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Set Approver Comments for the next task

Hi, I've got a workflow that starts with a 'Request data' task and I'd like to capture some comments during that task. Unlike a flexitask, comments...

  • By nicktex
  • August 20, 2020  15:47
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Task Reminders cause workflow 'fail to run'...

Hi there, I'm getting intermittent errors with my workflows where I assign a flexi-task (same with task) with reminders and/or an escalation in one...

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People Picker - Revalidate to check for disabled u...

Hi there, I need to revalidate users that were previously entered into an item in a People Picker field. Otherwise if users that have since been di...

  • By nicktex
  • December 22, 2019  15:28
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How to find the Document Set URL for the item to i...

I built a state workflow for my document set to submit and track awards - using flexi tasks. The approvers can either reject, approve, or ask for mo...

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