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Is there a character limit on 'Send an Email&#...

I've got a workflow where a user will create a 'to do' list, generated by their answers to questions. This is a particularly large form, so the 't...

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Is there a way of pre-populating repeating section...

I've got a form with a repeating section, but it needs to go through several layers of authentication by the management hierarchy. Sometimes this wil...

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Workflow Cloud workflow timing out on save/publish...

Is there a maximum size for workflows in Nintex Workflow Cloud? I'm currently extracting a lot of items from Collections into variables in the ...

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Repeating Sections and Document Generation

Hi Everyone, I am fairly new to Nintex and am attempting to create workflows for an employment application process that we intend to demo to a ...

  • By CTCFL
  • January 06, 2021  06:57
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Nintex Workflow Cloud: Repeating Sections with Row...

Repeating sections are a critical and heavily used piece of functionality in Nintex O365 forms which allow users to solve a wide range of problems. T...

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