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Best practice for linking processes - through outp...

Hi Promapp Community I'm just wondering what is the best practice around creating a link from one process to another? I've noticed there ...

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System stakeholders in process RACI

If a system is tagged in a process, is the system stakeholder automatically added to the RACI matrix for that process or would they need to be added ...

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Multiple “owners and experts” for a process

Hi, Can we have multiple “owners and experts” for a process? As of now, if we want a temporary user to update processes in place of the actual ...

  • By ega
  • June 10, 2021  18:30
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Checklists - is there a best way to implement?

Hi all, Looking to learn from those with experience. We are young in our Promapp journey - in a business where process thinking is very, very...

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Nintex Promapp - Best practice use of Checklists

We are looking to use Checklists across multiple processes where there is the potential for 100s of checklists to be created. It appears that all che...

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