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Improve "Access denied" message when cli...

Hi Team! We encourage our team members to share processes in broad communication using minimodes. However, if a process has subprocesses linked -th...

  • By MGoss
  • February 10, 2021  04:51
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Promapp Reporting

Is there an easier way to run Organisational reporting? I currently have to run the process listing reporting team by team and add up the results

  • By mollig
  • January 27, 2021  21:33
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Document Links in Groups

I have a high-level framework document, for which I'd love to create a link that allows users to access it from a Group level, rather than from the t...

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Triggers/Input and Output lost in Map when copying...

Hi, We have developed quite a large processes and have decided, to split it up into several processes. We have therefore copied the process several...

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ProMapp Looping In Process Due to Decisions

I understand the ProMapp is to help make Process more simplify but not all business processes are in a linear fashion. With that being said, has any...

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