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Using Get to retrieve data in several columns in a...

Hello. Please, I need guidance on how to get the data in specific columns (say columns 5, 12 and 18) in a csv file. I get the error message "Er...

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Remove a name from a multiple people or group colu...

I have a column of People or Group Type that accepts multiple entries. How can I remove a single name from the others using Nintex workflow?

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Collection operation - Remove by Value

Please, I need help understanding how Collection Operation works when the "Remove by Value" option is used in SharePoint 2013 on-prem. Where is th...

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Send notification to new persons added to a list c...

I have a list ( ListA ) with a workflow that sends an email notification to persons indicated in the Approvers column. I will also like to send the...

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Customer satisfaction survey using Nintex

I am creating a customer satisfaction survey tool to collect responses from Project stakeholders using Nintex. I have 2 lists: - survey collector, ...

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Email Notification to Newly Added People

In SharePoint 2010, I have a people picker field named 'Additional Assignee' that allows multiple entries. I need to be able to generate an email...

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