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How to get emails automatically moved to "Foc...

When my workflow sends out notifications, it sends them to people's "Other" folders in Outlook. Is there a way to get the notifications to always g...

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Missing Email from Start a Task Process in Workflo...

Hi Everyone, I've got a Start a Task Process in Workflow that was working great and sending out email. I made some changes and all of a sudde...

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Nintex Form submission hanging on Submit

Hey Everyone, I'm trying to submit my form, but it seems to be hangin on the Submit dialog. I was thinking if it's related to the form changes...

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New Responsive Form - Variable causing other field...

Hi there, I created a variable that does a lookup with an exisiting control. However, when I go to preview to have my variable displayed, it unsele...

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Edit Logo in Lazy Approval Email

Is there a way to edit the lazy approval email logo? I want to replace the Nintex logo with our own, and may be modify the text.

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