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Nintex calculated value update

I have a calculated value which is a lookup to a list A. The issue I am facing that this calculated value in not updated automatically when the value...

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refresh calculated value

How to refresh the calculated values in every 1 second using Java script

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Nintex Workflow task Web part

I created a flexi task which is assigned to a group (multiple users) In the workflow web part .. there is one user who is not seeing all pending ta...

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Closing task window immedietly

I have a flexi task with two actiona (Approve / Reject/ return). after the flexi task action, I start new workflow and pass the decision as parameter...

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Missing Attachments after submitting a form

I have a form which has a repeating section with attachments. Some users are facing an issue that once they submit the form and re open the ite...

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I can't edit Flexi task form - Nintex forms 20...

I have a Flexi task in a workflow and I want to edit the form, but when i click on Edit Task Form>Edit with Nintex Forms nothing happens, it...

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  • February 13, 2015  13:47
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