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Applicable video formats

What are the video formats able to be uploaded to a process? We have tehm currently saved as a Media Player file but I get an error when trying to op...

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Document List report not showing associated groups...

Hi there, I am running the Document List report and ticked the checkbox "Include associated Process Groups, Search Tags and System Tags" but none of ...

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APQC framework

Hi Everyone, I was wondering if anyone in here has used the APQC framework as best practice for their value stream mapping? What level do you map t...

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Introducing Checklists for Nintex Promapp

In early 2020 Nintex Promapp is introducing Checklists, a new feature to tie the activities of a process together by connecting the people respo...

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What is the best way to deal with staff who leave ...

What is the best way to transfer roles and process ownership when someone leaves the workplace (Maternity leave or otherwise)?

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