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O365 Rename ribbon button

Anyone know how to rename a SP ribbon button on Nintex form view? Found NWF$('#RibbonSaveButton').hide(); to hide a button. We want to direct...

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O365 Assign a task process and document signatures...

Does anyone know if Assign a task process (group task) can return an individual group member's display name? Case: Workflow identifies a lis...

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O365 Filter List on Workflow Internal Status

Trying to create a list view to filter on workflow internal status (Started, Suspended, Terminated, etc.) but workflow name, Travel Authorization...

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Set workflow status from another workflow

Hi O365 team. Does anyone know if it's possible to set a workflow status from another workflow? Scenario: WF 1: State machine Approval Re...

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Set O365 form field to read-only after form submis...

Is it possible to make a people-picker name field read-only after form has been submitted? In our process, "Submit" sends the form into an appro...

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CSS - Nintex Style

Hey folks! I've an idea, and I'd like to source your input to help me put it together. I'm not great with CSS just yet, I'll adm...

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  • February 22, 2017  15:44
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