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Ideas/Techniques/Platforms you use to continuously...

Hi all, I will give some context in how we use Promapp as this is important since every organisation deploys Promapp differently. Our app...

  • By Wesso
  • November 17, 2019  16:54
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Future (to-be) processes using Promapp Process Var...

Can I use process variations to manage current (as-is) and future (to-be) processes? I was in a Nintex webinar the other day and I saw the de...

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Nintex Promapp User Group Virtual Roundtable | May...

Join us for our next Nintex Promapp User Group to interact and network with Nintex Promapp users to hear how they are using Promapp in their organiza...

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Linking Processes within an Activity

Hello, We are working on very high level maps that will eventually lead to more detailed maps. One activity we have listed is to "Administer the Co...

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Thoughts on using Promapp as a "FAQ and How-T...

Hi Community, We've being using Promapp for a long time now, but it always was a bit neglected and user adoption was low. This is about to 180-...

  • By PBRNZ
  • March 31, 2021  00:13
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Retrieving process data via API

Hi, Is there an API available to query process data from Promapp? My team needs to integrate with Promapp to retrieve all the processes, role...

  • By Mateja
  • July 17, 2020  01:07
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