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Completing a Flexi-Task assigned in a different wo...

I have two site workflows. Workflow 1 assigns a Flexi-task ("Task 1"), then waits for a month. If Task 1 is already completed, the workflow complet...

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Publishing a Wiki Page using a Site Workflow

I have a site workflow that updates an item in a list, then I want it to publish a specific wiki page in a library on the same site. If I was using ...

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Attach documents to workflow start form

My workflow runs on a wiki page library and I want initiators to be able to attach reference documents to the start form so these can be attached to...

  • By PEnstrom
  • September 16, 2020  09:38
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Add to Collection Variable from Lookup column

My workflow assigns a Flexi-task to an employee who responds by indicating on the task form which document have gaps and which do not. The form uses...

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For Each Action Does Not Run

My workflow uses the Query list action to pull information from a lookup column in a list record and stores that information (numbers) in a collectio...

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