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Email Notification that is dependent on another li...

Hi, I would like to ask if you have a better approach in creating an email notifcation via workflow of a list then crosschecking with another l...

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Email Notification if an entry isn't updated 4...

Hi, I was wondering on how to setup an email notifcation that will send when a selected date is less than 48 hours of the current date in a submi...

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Assistance Needed: Disable the edit on Field or Fo...

Hi, I wondering if you have any suggestion on how to disable a field or form during edit when a selected date is less than 24 hours of the cur...

  • By Ryuojiin
  • September 18, 2019  20:09
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End date cannot be greater than the start Date

Hi, I have 2 date picker fields (Start Date, End Date) in a responsive nintex form. I would like to limit the user to choose a date earli...

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hide based on a date

Hello all, I am trying to hide a field on my form if the date of my "departureDate" field is before 1/3/19 (first of march 2019.) Any help gre...

  • By marven
  • January 14, 2019  08:42
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