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How to use If Then statements in form validation r...

I have a clothing order form that I want to use form validation rules on. Some shirt styles are only available in certain colors. "ShirtStyle" is my ...

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Populate a choice field based off the value in ano...

I am trying to make clothing order form. Shirts with different styles are available in different colors. What I want to do is when shirt style "X" is...

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Workflow to send an Email once a year on January 1...

I have a list of people and their supplemental jobs outside of my business office. I would like to send an email on January 1st of each year to ask i...

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Date filter in query list action not working

I am doing a list query and using the filter within that action to narrow down my results. I am trying to filter out anything with a date that ha...

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How to use an IF condition in a lookup formula in ...

I have a products list with sale and return values. I have a form that is pulling the sale price into a calculated value field with the following...

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Can you set item level permissions in lists?

I am attempting to set item level permissions in a list. Here is what I currently have set. It appears to apply the permissions correctl...

  • By jwallis
  • October 24, 2018  06:43
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