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Repeating Section

Hello, please I have a field of type list of choice at the level of the table repeting section I want with each addition of line it keeps the same...

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move to the precedent component

How can I move to the precedent component (like the yellow Line in the screenshot)

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component in nintex that can return to the first c...

I have 3 component approved request, if user 2 does not approve the user's job 1, the user 2 must return a notification to user 1 to correct subs...

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Accordion Like Functionality

Accordion Like Functionality doesn't work in Display mode? I tried changing the Control Mode for the check boxes to Display or Edit mode, but...

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customize display view item page form nintex 2013

How can I customize the page of view item form nintex 2013 (the page of edit and new item are different than view item)

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