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Add User to Group Workflow is overriding Group Set...

I have a successful workflow that adds a user to a Sharepoint Group. It is so successful that it does not error even if the user initiating the workf...

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Editing one occurrence (item) within a Repeating E...

I am using Nintex Forms and Workflow for a Leave Request/Approval Process that utilizes a Sharepoint Calendar List so we may sync the leave with our ...

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Update SharePoint Group Name

Hey all, I am creating a workflow to create, delete or change SharePoint groups. Within this I got to the point to use the "Call Web Service" a...

  • By axel
  • January 30, 2017  05:53
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How to know if a user is on a Sharepoint Group?

Many people posted this question and sometime ago there were some external post that dissapeared. So now it will keep safe in this post. C...

  • By fhunth
  • January 01, 2016  16:08
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Using Nintex Workflow to Create New Calendar Event...

I have created a workflow that takes the dates from a form submission and creates a new calendar event for it. I have a question about the recurr...

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Initiator credentials in a Web Request Action

Hi, I'd like to build an UDA in Nintex Workflows which uses a SharePoint REST API. In fact, this one : Social feed REST API reference for S...

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