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Recreate retiring approval and feedback workflow i...

Hi all, I can't be the only one wondering how to recreate the classic approval and collect feedback workflows in modern nintex? My issue is I ...

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Create ics and send as an email attachment

So I have (tried) to create a workflow that will create an ics. file and send that as an email attachement... I get an error that says 'Failed to que...

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approval workflow for newly added approvers

I have a list form with approvers named at the bottom, when the form is saved the 'request approval' workflow goes out and works perfectly. How...

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Update sharepoint calendar item when separate list...

I have a list 'assess form' based on the information in that I have a super simple workflow to create a sharepoint calendar event. How do I modify ...

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Can I have consecutive set a condition fields?

I have 9 fields on a form where attendees of a site visit can ‘sign on’ I want a workflow so when person a prepares the form and puts all the attende...

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