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How do I set a default value of a SQL Request cont...

There are many posts about setting lookup values, but I feel the SQL Request control is slightly different. And, I couldn't get any of them to wo...

  • By ebglenn
  • February 01, 2019  08:58
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Set Value of Text Box from Calculated Control via ...

I have been searching and testing JavaScript for several days now and can't get this to work (because I am no JavaScript expert). I simply need ...

  • By ebglenn
  • August 22, 2017  08:17
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When will the Nintex Mobile App for Windows be upd...

I see there is a newer version for iOS, but not for Windows.I'm having the issue with "error getting list entries", which folks seem to say is fi...

  • By ebglenn
  • December 22, 2016  13:07
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Print to PDF displays path of the list lookup cont...

I have a Nintex form with lots of List lookup controls and people picker controls and when i hit "Print to PDF" all the list lookup control and p...

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