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calculated value lookup nintex

hello, I am new and I have been struggling. I created a form for list of banks, bank transit and branch. I created three list: Banks, BRANCH&TRAN...

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Nintex general announcement workflow

I am having an issue; the issue is I do not know where to start on the workflow for a general announcement/newsletter workflow. We have several comp...

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nintex workflow calculate per Diem based on type o...

Hello, I have an issue and I was wondering if you bring light into to situation. I have a workflow that I worked on, that copies to two other list bu...

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main list to copy info in certain conditions are m...

list workflow I have two list workflows and a site workflow. the two list workflows are the same. I also have a site workflow. site w...

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create a workflow for travel request form

Hello, I have three forms( form A, form B & form C). I need form A and form B to fill form C with there information. How do I create such a wor...

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Change permissions of a folder in a document set

We are using Nintex with SharePoint 2013. I'm using a library with Documents sets. The Document set contains of 5 folders with a default documentin ...

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