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Mandatory Ruling based on a drop down choice

Hi everyone, Is it possible to apply Mandatory Ruling to a hiden choice field dependant on the a choice of a drop down. I have the formula whic...

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Automatic creation of a continuous number based on...

Dear Nintex Community, I have a question regarding the use of the continuous ID. I would like to have a field in my Nintex form where a contin...

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Hide Disable Rule for more for more than one answe...

Hello everyone, I have a question about a hide funcation regarding a Lookup Field. I build the following formular: not(equals(parseLookup( ...

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Make calendar entries visible depending on their s...

Hello everybody, I have the following fundamentals: A SharePoint calendar in which I can enter lecture slots. In a second SharePoin...

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Hide Disable Rule not working on Lookup Field

Hi, Using Nintex Forms, when I try to create a rule for a lookup field (pulled in from a different SP list) the rule does not work. I've tried hid...

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