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How to bulk import when there is a Repeating Secti...

With the Aug/2019 update, Repeating Section control was implemented. Yeah! My question is how to bulk import items into my list items? Normally I...

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Table Formatting or using the same tab indent for ...

Hi everyone I would like to know how I can improve the formatting in an e-mail generated by Nintex Workflow. Here is what my e-mail looks like:...

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Set field to Read only if not a certain user

I have a few fields in my form that I want to only be filled out by a certain user. Is there a way to set the Read-only field to be Yes unless the cu...

  • By jvolk85
  • January 13, 2021  08:23
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How to get the name of the folder that a document ...

Hi, I have a workflow on a document library that sends to a panel of approvers based on what folder the document is in. I therefore need to determin...

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Demo options

Hi there, I've used Nintex in a previous job and I wanted to see if there's an option to use a demo site (SharePoint and Nintex workflow/forms)...

  • By PScyner
  • August 21, 2020  02:16
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Print to PDF - New responsive Form

In a new responsive form with pages, Is there a way to "print to pdf" only the current page ? when I generate the pdf it come with all contro...

  • By nico
  • August 07, 2020  08:54
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