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How to use a Development and Production Database w...

We have a development SharePoint 2016 onprem environment that points to a development SQL Server database server. When we move our code to Production...

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Publish Form Issue On Multiple WFE and Application...

We have a Windows Load Balancer, 2 WFE, 2 SharePoint Application Servers (one with Central Admin) and a SQL Server backend. We are able to fully pub...

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name control as stored procedure parameters in For...

Hello , I have two controls on my form. #1. Choice control where I capture the value (using name) and pass it to #2. SQL Request control as a stor...

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Next/Previous buttons on a Nintex form

I feel like I'm missing something simple... I'm trying to use Next and Previous javascript buttons on my form to switch between tabs (choice field re...

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Need help and advice with a form template

I am trying to discover a method by which to override the default Nintex styling for the form controls and fields in a list that are automaticall...

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SQL request control, server name and DB name, to b...

In SQL request control, Server name and Datbase name as seen below, how to make them based on Reference Sharpoint list values, in order to avo...

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  • April 24, 2017  00:32
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Link On a Form - Open New Window

So I have a form and I added a Label and used "Insert Link" to add a hyperlink. Instead of typing out an HTTP link, I am using a variable and th...

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