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Is that possible to query workflow variables in a ...

I know infopath form can both receive data from and submit data to Sharepoint , but is that possible to do both in a single request data action? ...

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Query List with folders and items

I got a question here. I have a list, with a folder named "folder_1", and under the "folder_1" it contains a child item named "item_1". And "fol...

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Format problem in Update document action

I got a question here. Assuming I am building a queationnaire and I want to use "update document" to update content control text in a library d...

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Nintex Site Workflow not running

Hi - Is there a limit to the size of a SharePoint list that a Site Workflow will not fire on? We have two lists and one is 50k plus (site workfl...

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Workflow Update Document Action - Rich Text duplic...

Hello, I have a workflow that i create a Update Document where i use content controls . My input variable is Multiple text where when i put...

  • By kiric
  • June 08, 2016  23:41
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