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Display only time with no date on a responsive for...

I’m trying to make it so that certain DateTime controls are only have Time when a checkbox has not been checked, but I haven’t had much success. I’m ...

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Collect 5 signatures without DocuSign

I have a form that requires signatures from the user's supervisor, branch manager, budget person, director and exec. director. How can I get the fo...

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Cascading Manager's Manager from Active Direct...

I have a responsive form that the user wants to show the User's manager and the Branch Manager, Asst Director and Director. In am able to add a calc...

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How can I print out the status of outstanding item...

I have a user that will need to be able to do a printout of the items that are outstanding and where they are in the workflow. We have a form that h...

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Selecting one choice only and hide/disable the res...

I have an IT Hardware Request form and I have several choices for the user to choose from. Desktop, Laptop, Laptop Bundle, Monitor, etc. I only wan...

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