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List Lookup - Cascading Checkbox Lookups

I havea checkbox lookup list for countries and a checkboxlookup list for locations in those countries.E.g.Countries - (Lookup List 1)AustriaBelgiumFranceGreeceLocations - (Lookup List 2)AUT Location 1...

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Checkboxes - Select All

I have a list lookup which displays themultiplevalues retrieved as a checkbox list.I also haveayes/no box above called SelectAll.Is there any way to set it so that when SelectAll is ticked, all the va...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Lookup List - Change Column Width

I have a lookup list which displays the multiple retrieved values as a 2 column checkbox list.When I make the control wider, the columns seem to stay squashed in the same positions.(A) - Lookup List(B...

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Can you validate the minimum attachments as a condition?

I have a form in which some questions and attachments are hidden unless a certain option is selected.E.g. Question 1 - Option 1 / 2If option 2, further questions and attachment fields appear.I need al...

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