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Get the file from other sharepoint site using web ...

I have my file in sharepoint online . but i need to get the document to sp2019 using Nintex workflow with help of Web request or web service. i hav...

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Need workflow status

I need to see any workflow status in list. my workflow is update the data in other list , when item modified. Many items are there, few workflows ar...

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Create a item in lookup

i have two list A and B. i am using list A column- single line text(unique value) has lookup column for List B. In Workflow , i am creating the item ...

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Create a items based on integer field value

I have column called Location number. if user added 5 in the location number in list A. I have to create 5 new items in List B. Based on the location...

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Wait for item update - Sharepoint 2010

Customer is updating a field-status manually in the share point list. We created a nintex workflow using state machine and wait for item update. but ...

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