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How to have a blank line in a form drop down list

I have Nintex forms for SharePoint on-premise. My drop down boxes are populated by the SharePoint lists. I want the first line of the drop down l...

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Insert Link button doesn't work in the Label c...

I have SharePoint 2013 on premise classic view and in the Label control settings, when I click on the Link button, nothing appears. Is there a wor...

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How to make Assign Flexi Task approval points to n...

I have Nintex for SharePoint 2013 on-premise. I updated the Nintex form with new fields, removed some fields, and altered the layout. However, th...

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How To Disable Control If Choice is Not Yes

If have one control that needs to be disabled if the second control is set to any choice except, Yes. As shown above, the Category of Disabil...

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The Condition box doesn't show the f(x) button...

I have Nintex forms on SharePoint 2013. There is supposed to be a f(x) button next to the Condition panel of the Rules pane that brings up the Form...

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Nintex form convert to Word/PDF

We currently have nintex workflow 2.3.14. We have created a nintex form and are trying to convert the form to PDF/Word document. We can't find "c...

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