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Document Tagger not filling form data

Needing some help... I created a new workflow, using a submission form to start. The form submits fine, and it is able to use data to create a Shar...

  • By Donnie
  • May 22, 2019  08:43
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How can I save the original submission form in Clo...

Is there a way to save or email the original submission form in Cloud? I've read that I can generate a document and export all the data into it. Bu...

  • By Donnie
  • May 21, 2019  04:46
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How can I add an image/logo to Email in Cloud

Is there a way to add an image/logo to an email in Nintex Cloud? In O365, I could insert an image as a URL link, but not seeing any option in Cloud....

  • By Donnie
  • May 21, 2019  04:43
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How can I show a value from a Data Lookup control ...

A community member recently had a question on how they could select data from Office365, and after a selection is made, show an additional property a...

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Default file storage location- SharePoint Online?

How come I don't see SharePoint Online as an option for the Defaul File storage location? I see OneDrive for Business, but forcing a company to u...

  • By dlgross
  • April 03, 2018  05:22
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