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Hide column updates from version history

Hi all, I store a custom change record in XML within a multi-line text column in the list items. I use that to keep track of updates users make to other columns and trigger broadcast notifications if...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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{Created} timestamp = 00:00:00 in form Calculated Value

I'm trying to display a simple 'time remaining' calculated value /text box in a responsive Nintex form: TIME REMAINING: 1:42 (1hr and 42 mins left for example) The calculation is: {Created} + 48hrs...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Start workflow when items are modified (except if updated by other workflow)

I currently have a workflow that generates tasks and then updates information in the underlying list item according to what the users enter in the task forms. Separate to that process, I want to crea...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by scrawford
  • | January 19, 2020 21:52
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Permission issue for Flexi Task

Hi all,As part of my workflow, I need anyone in a department to be able to approve, reject etc, however the only notification needs to go to a department mailbox, but I do not want more than one task ...

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Flexi task created with notification sent to other email address

I need a Flexi task to be assigned to a group of people (all of which need to be able to approve/reject the task) but have the email notification (with link to task inside) sent to a separate email ad...

In Nintex for SharePoint
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Nintex for SharePoint 2016 Release Notes

To update from previous versions of Nintex for SharePoint 2016, download the latest build from the Products page in yourCustomer Centralinstance. For the product update process, seeNintex for SharePo...

In Release Notes
  • Posted by lisatam
  • | March 02, 2020 17:41
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A Different Approach for Task Notifications

With the encroaching end of a major effort I have been a part of for the better part of this year, the time has come to look back and review all the things that were encountered and see if they could ...

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