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Hide column updates from version history

Hi all, I store a custom change record in XML within a multi-line text column in the list items. I use that to keep track of updates users mak...

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{Created} timestamp = 00:00:00 in form Calculated ...

I'm trying to display a simple 'time remaining' calculated value /text box in a responsive Nintex form: TIME REMAINING: 1:42 (1hr and 42 ...

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Start workflow when items are modified (except if ...

I currently have a workflow that generates tasks and then updates information in the underlying list item according to what the users enter in the ta...

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Flexi Task Nintex form blank issue

Hi, As it was my first time making changes to a live workflow I decided to copy it and make changes, then export from my updated version and im...

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Flexi task created with notification sent to other...

I need a Flexi task to be assigned to a group of people (all of which need to be able to approve/reject the task) but have the email notification (wi...

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A Different Approach for Task Notifications

With the encroaching end of a major effort I have been a part of for the better part of this year, the time has come to look back and review all ...

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