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Moving multiple processes

Im looking to split up a group into two folders. the only way I can see to move existing processes from the old group to the new group is painstaking...

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A Local government promapp instance to share proce...

Im guessing that there are a lot of local govenment organisations are like ours who are strapped for resources. Unlike private enterprises we are big...

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Using Promapp as a training guide

We are looking to document how we deliver training (as a how to) using promapp and wondered if anyone else was doing this and had a process they coul...

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Connect Promapp reports to Power BI

Hi, I have connected the improvements module data to Power BI using the API Key. Is there a way to also connect the Promapp Reports to Power BI? ...

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Use of Process Charters

Has anyone successfully used a process charter in their organization to engage key staff with managing and improving their processes in Nintex Promap...

  • By Howard
  • May 30, 2019  22:21
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Process improvement forum

What format should a process improvement forum follow? Who should be involved and what content should be covered in these sessions?

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