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Changing ContentTypeId in URL for DispForm.aspx no...

I am trying to change the form on a button click by forming URL and adding ContentTypeId to it. It works perfectly fine when the form mode is New or ...

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2 rich text multiline controls on 2 panels for new...

We have a requirement where we have a rich text multiline to add request description and attached to a list column. Now, user can save the request an...

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Workflow send notification not working on concaten...

When I try to hearcode the SP group name (e.g. ABC Group) to a variable and add it to "TO" sectioj of Send Notification, the worklfow sends mail to a...

  • By pratiekk
  • September 16, 2019  07:30
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Validate if value is present in list or not on cli...

I have a list with a Name column. A form with text box and a button. On click of a button on the form, I need to validate that text entered by the us...

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Same Fields on different panels in Nintex

Hi Nintex Guys, I have couple of fields repeating on different panels. Actually i have four panels (Based on login users, panels will be vis...

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  • July 23, 2016  07:55
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