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Cannot open Nintex Responsive forms on Mobile with...

We have been moving to Nintex Responsive forms for all our mobile and tablet users. We use SharePoint Online and most of our users have the SharePoin...

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Calculated Value - Ignores the Theme

So far, the only issues I am having are: Calculated Values not using the current theme e.g. font, size, colour. It would also be good to be...

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Slow response forms and workflows; email actions

One of the many frustrating aspects of Nintex Workflows Online is the extremely slow load times. When you are trying to develop workflows, it can...

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Setting Permissions

I seem to be constantly running into an issue with Workflow Online suspending because of user permissions. Q. Should I put ALL Actions in to an ...

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Run workflow impersonation

When my workflows run, the SharePoint List modified by shows as "me" rather than the person who triggered the workflow or as "Nintex". I want ...

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How to monitor workflows that has been suspended o...

Hi, Is there a way i can monitor if the workflow failed to run either terminated or suspended. Because i can't click all the entries and manua...

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Making Titles and Descriptions Bold in Nintex Resp...

How would I make the Titles and Descriptions bold in a control on a Nintex Responsive Form? I have looked at what I think has been everything, an...

  • By marnita
  • August 03, 2018  10:52
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"Causes validation" on a button control ...

All, I have a question about the "causes validation" setting on button controls. When doesn't it cause validation? Currently I have a but...

  • By glenda
  • February 15, 2018  07:49
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Wait until selection

Hi All, So I have a part in my workflow where the user has to update the status of the request by selecting one of the 3 choices he has. Fiel...

  • By hassandh
  • September 11, 2017  04:33
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O365 Filter List on Workflow Internal Status

Trying to create a list view to filter on workflow internal status (Started, Suspended, Terminated, etc.) but workflow name, Travel Authorization...

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