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Role of the Executive Sponsor

Does Promapp have support from someone on the senior leadership team? How does this person make their support visible to the whole organization?Have a look at the playbook linked below and let us know...

In Nintex Promapp
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Defining 'Why' your organization has Promapp

See the playbook linked below which delves into defining the reasons why your organization has Nintex Promapp. Ideally this brings to light the problems that Promapp helps to solve.Let us know how you...

In Nintex Promapp
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Maintaining company policies in Nintex Promapp

Should company policies be maintained in Word documents or PDF's saved outside of Nintex Promapp or should we use Policy Mode?

In Nintex Promapp
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Is there a need for a document numbering scheme (reference number)

Is there a need to add reference numbers for our documents in Promapp? Or should we use a standardised approach in document titles?

In Nintex Promapp
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Front-line staff engagement

What are the best ways to make processes more 'consumable' for front line staff?

In Nintex Promapp
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