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Dedicated intranet page for Promapp

What are the benefits of creating a dedicated intranet page for Promapp or is it worthwhile linking Promapp within established pages on the intranet?What are the key messages and content that is or sh...

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What is the best way to deal with staff who leave (maternity or otherwise)

What is the best way to transfer roles and process ownership when someone leaves the workplace (Maternity leave or otherwise)?

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Front-line staff engagement

What are the best ways to make processes more 'consumable' for front line staff?

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Nintex Promapp Elements of Success

What is required to be successful with Nintex Promapp? How do you realise your strategic direction? The Elements of Success have been developed by the Customer Success Team here at Nintex Promapp and...

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Process improvement forum

What format should a process improvement forum follow? Who should be involved and what content should be covered in these sessions?

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trying to create process going back a step after a gateway

hi there,i am trying to create a process which involves going back to a step in the same process twice.As the picture shows. any suggestions on how to illustrate this? thank you

In Nintex Promapp
  • Posted by fbastian
  • | July 10, 2019 22:36
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