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How workflow see the condition [Modified by a spec...

The condition [Modified by a specific person] is very powerful. I need to use it a lot to check-out the document to a user, the moment he " this spec...

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How the workflow knows that the user accomplished ...

By sending a task email to the user, and waiting for the task to be completed. how the Workflow or Sharepoint will know if the user really did the ta...

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How to know the auto-repeating table fields name ...

for Infopath forms, there is the capability to have an auto-repeating table or section. How to use them in Workflow? - I mean to consider these re...

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what is the real purpose of check in check out act...

Many talks about how to do check-in Checkout for a document, and how to override these actions. In my company some ppl doing check in check out a...

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Are Nintex form designer and Nintex workflow separ...

I don't find Nintex form designer in my library! However, I have the Nintex workflow option in the dropdown list from start a workflow. what does tha...

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Read Repeating Section in Workflow

I have a form that is using the form control "Repeating Section" I am trying to find a way to read this information in a workflow. I would lik...

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Set Field Value

I'm working with SharePoint 2010 and Nintex Workflow 2010. When using the Set Field Value action, I have it successfully updating a field with t...

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How to hide buttons in SharePoint form ?

This is a generic title to solve a specific issue in a Workflow Task list on SharePoint online. Apparently, there is still a open issue in a Wor...

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