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Purge Workflow Data - "Update the Nintex Work...

I want to delete the workflow history for a particular list. I assume I click "Purge Workflow Data" in site settings? When I do, I receive the follow...

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Assign tasks to multiple users on multiple list it...

I have a manager that has several tasks that need to go out to his team throughout the year. He has annual, semi-annual, quarterly and 5yr tasks. He ...

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Delegate task on behalf of another

We have admin assistants who need to delegate their manager's task to someone else, but they're not able to since it seems like the only people t...

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Find Manager's Username/Email Address

I have a user that initiates a workflow by adding a document to a SharePoint library. The workflow assigns a task to an engineer of the initiator...

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Regular Expression Extract Username from DN

I'm trying to find the manager of a task assignee. When I use Query LDAP to find the manager, it returns the distinguished name of the manager. W...

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How to Create Workflow History Lists from a Nintex...

The Workflow History List is a particular type of list in SharePoint. In terms of structure and functionalities, it is a normal list in SharePoin...

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