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Query list filter by AssignedTo

I'm trying to create a workflow which should list all open tasks from a person. Somehow I cannot filter by the username. It always shows me an empty...

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ReAssign a few Nintex Workflow Tasks

Hello I'm working on a siteworkflow. The siteworkflow runs at the root of the sitecollection. The purpose is to re-assign, in multiple lists, th...

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Disable editing mode in Nintex Workflow Tasks App ...

Dear Community Where can I disable the three dots, next to the item title? (Marked red in the screenshot). Thanks for your assistance 🙂 ...

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Add an information in Nintex Workflow Tasks list t...

Hello I'm curious if it's possible to add an information, which i've collected in my list, into the Nintex Workflow Tasks list. Basically the use...

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