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workflow on a linked database list

hi all, I have an access database which refreshes daily. My goal is to run a task on each item, after the sharepoint list has updated with the ...

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Approval Task bug fixed then workflow published bu...

hi all, i have a list based workflow where an approval form was generating errors at the loading stage (users including me would click on approval ...

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return all results from the Active Directory which...

Hi @emha Thanks for reaching out. I've created this post to try and make my goal clearer. The context is that I need to create a list which...

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changing the size of a control changes the order o...

hi all, I am building a form and none of my controls are overlapping (i have intentionally put space in between the controls) however when i chan...

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conditional formatting for form input, when user e...

hi there, 2 questions: 1. does anyone know of a good post for conditional formatting when entering information on a form? based on a boolean val...

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Task Queue

Hi All, I have a workflow with multiple approvals, which run one after another they are not paralell. I was hoping there is a way that I...

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Execution order of calculated values

I have a form with many calculated values. At the end of my form, there is a last calculated value which is calculated from the previous ones. W...

  • By seize
  • March 13, 2019  03:10
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Calculated value lookup and userProfileLookup on r...

I'd like to get an email address of a person returned from a sharepoint lookup in a calculated value. The column in the sharepoint list is a person, ...

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Field value from a calculated value control not sa...

I am new in Nintex and setting up some forms. In one of them I have a calculated value which shows well in the form but later, when I see the field w...

  • By Nuria
  • February 08, 2019  09:18
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List lookup filter completed event?

Hi I have a form with cascading filtered list lookups. Let's call then Lookup1 and Lookup2. The selection in Lookup1 is used to filter the options...

  • By MarkX
  • February 06, 2019  08:05
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