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Need some help configuring my Application form...NOVICE nintex dev

Hi, I'm trying to finish this small project and I'm having issues with configuring my controls properly. I built out my form correctly and I'm stuck at this point in my workflow design. I understand w...

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SQL Query works only in testing enviornment not in LIVE...

Hi everyone, I have been testing my form and only can i see the content populate from the database in the testing enviornment and not in the LIVE. Can anyone please tell me what is wrong?

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Problem with Set Condition control always defaulting to True never False

Hi, I've been working on this form where I want the user to select either a Test or Live enviornment. I added conditions that in order to get to the live enviornment the user must click the checkbox f...

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The Leap Year Result value return a problem for my form

Hi everyone, I have a formthat displays the amount of days as seen in the image below.I believe becausenext year is a leap year the value isshowing 366 days for a one year policy. I am having trouble ...

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WorkFlow with Loops and Approvals

Hi Everyone,I have been assigned a task and I'm still learning my way through Nintex. From my understandingin my headI might need to have a For Each loop with a Flexi Task within to complete this task...

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Display meaning full name from Active Directory

Hi all,On the workflow send notifications, i need to Insert Reference , I select Requestor from Item Properties. It displays non meaning full name likei:0#.w|xyz\test2 where test2 is the AD login name...

In Nintex for SharePoint
  • Posted by Anonymous
  • | March 17, 2015 22:39
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